Here is a summary of each week:


Week Dates



Open Tools

===Week 1===Jan 15-21
Barbara and Patricia
Post introductions and socialize on Yahoo Group, open accounts on different social tools, post bios and photos on community map, discuss questions on personal blogs. Round table with invited guest on January 20th: Clarence Fisher

Open vs Closed

===Week 2===Jan 22-28
Barbara and Patricia
Discuss difficulties encountered + some exercises with rss, opml, and tagging. Add people to bloglines and respond to their posts. Find and/or produce material to publish on these tools and discuss how to introduce it to the students. Round table with invited guests on January 26th: Aaron Campbell

Reflecting on Practice

===Week 3===Jan 29 Feb 04
Barbara and Patricia
Introduce + Exchange + Orchard and discuss project and how to use it for distributed networking. Round Table with invited guests on February 3rd: Alexander Hayes - M-Learning

Podagogy and Projects

===Week 4===Feb 05-11
Graham,Scott and Nick
99 ways to use a podcast Podcasting Tools Evaluation (podcasting software, audio editors, mp3 recorders, etc) Good practice: learncasting, "podagogy", etc. Starting student podcast projects Podcasting Round Table webcast: Podcasting in Language Learning & Teaching (Guest speakers (to be confirmed) : Carla Arena, Joe Dale, Geoff Taylor, Rita Zeinstejer ) and moderators

Intercultural Projects

===Week 5===Feb 12-18
Graham,Scott and Nick
Intercultural Podcast Projects Hosting & Recording Podcasts Live (VOIP / Skypecasting / Webcasting) Connecting with Audiences Audio vs Video Podcasting Round Table webcast: Intercultural & International Podcasting Projects (Guest speakers (to be confirmed) : Anne Fox, Steve McCarty, Pete Travis, Tom Zurinskas, ) and moderato

Wrapping Up

===Week 6===Feb 18-25
all moderators
project presentation and evaluation session