I am thinking of setting a model blog for participants. Static pages for the syllabus and what we have on Drupal.
A series of categories with the social media we will be using and use the blog posts for a collective blog. In this way we are exactly in the same situation as our participants and it will be like a mirror site, which we can always link to the Dekita lab. (Bee)
first week
By opening the accounts and juggling with them, participants get aware of what it takes to implement them with their learners
this is a key question Tell us what social media means to you and socialize with the other participants.
We can assume that everyone knows blogs and how to use them, so we could already focus on the key aspect - what we and our students gain by using them
and by opening accounts on the different platforms they will observe what is going on as well
[20:57:32] Barbara Dieu says: so it would be interesting to know how they perceive it
the first task already asks them to contribute in the forum It would be interesting if you could also describe the experience you have already had with social tools in teaching/learning ( e.g. blogs, wikis, podcasts, video, projects) and provide us with the links to your sites.
second week should be aggregation, syndication and mashups + tagging
so there will be articles to read and practice exercises
using the different tools and mashing them up together - connecting people and content
we can add them to delicious
[21:05:25] Barbara Dieu says: and invent a special tag
[21:05:36] Barbara Dieu says: so they will appear on the page
[21:06:20] Barbara Dieu says: like smielt08_aggregating for aggregators

week 3 would be posting content to the different tools
[21:12:38] Barbara Dieu says: and networking through them
[21:13:04] Barbara Dieu says: using them all together
[21:13:16] Barbara Dieu says: mashing-up and connecting to others
content is open
[21:15:35] Barbara Dieu says: just like open webpublishing should be
[21:16:18] Barbara Dieu says: open ended questions for reflection and would add slow time, open space and food for thought in week 4 to allow participants time to breathe, finish their tasks, read and get a clear head before the reflection
Illya: Choose one of the tools you have worked with. Think of a situation in which you would use this tool. Draw up a sketch of how you would use it and what you would hope to gain from this particular tool. If you can, try it out with your class and comment on what happened.
[21:37:24] Barbara Dieu says: yes..open ended
[21:38:02] Barbara Dieu says: let them add it to their static pages on the blog
[21:38:16] Barbara Dieu says: and we can pipe it into the Dekita Lab
[21:38:33] Barbara Dieu says: I want them to retain the ownership of their work
[21:38:49] Barbara Dieu says: this is not collaborative work
[21:38:55] Barbara Dieu says: it's their own production
[21:39:10] Barbara Dieu says: so it can be aggregated and piped into a collective feed collector

week 5 - shared multimedia production? (btw-I'm just following the list in under 'tools' )
[21:19:21] Barbara Dieu says: no...analysing different productions
[21:19:55] Barbara Dieu says: or different tools
[21:20:07] Barbara Dieu says: to see the kind of English students are exposed to
[21:20:13] Barbara Dieu says: and how to harness this
week 4 would be finding examples of productions on the web at large
and analyze how this can help our learners
go to 43things for instance
[21:25:05] Barbara Dieu says: choose one thing
and see how the posts there can be used as an activity in class to foster language learning and how we can help stds express themselves through this tool
so voicethread for example and what, if any, options it opens to learners that they may not have otherwise?
week 6- rounding up, pulling threads together. reflecting on future use or non-use of tools used
[21:51:05] Barbara Dieu says: evaluation..yes
[21:51:30] Illya Arnet-Clark says: mention of further tools participants have come across and why they would recommend them - looking again into the future