Wrapping Up

Learn the book: How to use a book, compared to how to read documents on a computer.
Norwegian with Danish subtitles.


Welcome to the final week of the Open Webpublishing session. This week is for catching up, final discussions,etc..
  • 15.00-16.00 Open Webpublising: Podcasting in Language Learning & Teaching' round table Special guests: Anne Fox , Geoff Taylor
  • 17.00-18.00 Open Webpublishing: Podcasting in Language Learning & Teaching' round table Special guests: Joe Dale Pete Travis
  • We will be using Flash Meeting for this (see details below) - plug in your webcam if you have one!
  • Go to the following address for full details and to access the event: http://flashmeeting.open.ac.uk /fm/69124d-7458 ||



Some questions you may want to consider are:
  • Would you incorporate any of these tools into your course? Which one(s) and why?
  • How would you incorporate it (them) considering:
    (i) the public you will be dealing with
    (ii) their level, their communicative competence
    (iii) your setting, degree of formality of instruction
    (iv) access, amount of time you can spend on it
    (v) curricular constraints, institutional support, technical resources
    (vi) your common needs and objective
  • Can Dekita help you in this? How?
  • What would help you and your students most when using these tools?


I have...

Suggested Readings, Listenings & Viewings


  • Why Heather Can Write - Technology Review
  • The Horizon Report - The 6 emerging trends for higher education predicted in this fascinating report are: User-created content;Social networking;Mobile phones;Virtual worlds;New scholarship and emerging forms of publication; and Massively multiplayer educational gaming. Interesting to see that most of these are well covered in this, and other EVO2007 sessions.