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Intercultural and International Podcasting Projects & Vlogging


During week five, we will be looking at intercultural podcasting projects, recording live using VOIP telephony software (Skype, etc.) and also vlogging. You are also invited to participate in one of the round table discussions on Sunday (February 18th), and we may well be organising another Flash Meeting after the success of the first one.

Synchronous Session : Sun 18th February 8am GMT Round Table with special guest Sean McMinn and Pete Travis. Find out more about our special guests here: 'Podcasting & Language Learning Round Table Discussion' Listen to the podcast here


Ergonomics for the Video Blogger


  • Use your blog / podcast to reflect on last week's FlashMeeting
  • Listen particularly to the discussion on intercultural podcasting projects - what do you think would be the best way to set up this type of project?
  • Reflect upon the audio forums (Chinswing & Vaestro) that you have tried. How could you use them? Which do you prefer? Why?
  • Use your experience of participating in & hosting a Skypecast to give advice on how best to do this. Post this on your blog/in a podcast.
  • Did you manage to record Skype/a Skypecast?
  • What advantages/disadvantages are there between audio/video podcasts? Which format best suits your teaching / your learners situation?


I have...
  • investigated some of the voice discussion forums (Chinswing, Vaestro) and posted my reflections of these tools
  • investigated vlogging
  • participated in and/or set up a Skypecast

Suggested Readings, Listenings & Viewings




  • How to choose an mp3 player - A video to help you choose, available on Videojug, which may be of great interest as a source of listening, and / or as a great idea for your own vlogging projects with students. This, and another source to help you choose, (Which) were submitted by Valentina.