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Reflecting on EFL/ESL webpublishing practice

"When teachers have their time stolen from them, one of the most precious things they lose is the time to learn and to think. Knowledge-driven organizations depend on effective brain-power - on understanding, reflection, ingenuity and creativity. But standardized reforms have taken away teachers' time to think; and their imposed prescriptive requirments have replaced creativity with compliance. An overexamined professional life is producing an unexamined, unreflective one."
Hargreaves, A.(2003) Teaching in the Knowledge Society: Education in the Age of Insecurity. Maidenhead : Open University Press.


This week will be slow time, open space and food for thought. You can finish your assignments /go over the tools, content and comments you have created and reflect. We will then have a look at Dekita.org and its proposition. We will also check how to include a class in the Exchange project and visit the Orchard.

Round Table with invited guests on February 2nd(Friday) at 22 GMT Check your time: Alexander Hayes - instructions to join venue
Link to the recorded session.

Blogstreams Salon at Tappedin on February 4th at 21 GMT


  • Go over your posts, check your comments and impressions on the round tables with the guest speakers.
  • Reflect on the possibilities these tools offer you and how you could use them in language learning. Jot down any inspirational ideas you may have on the Suggestions for Activities page in the navigation bar on the left.
* Look at the discussion questions below, extended links,watch the videos and read the two articles suggested in the Reading area.
  • Post your thoughts in your blog and react to others.
* Have a look at Dekita.org and its objectives. Check the archive. How can you use the site and how can you contribute?
  • Imagine you have a class (or a real class) you want to include in the Dekita Exchange. Do what is required.
  • What is the Orchard? Is it useful? Why-why not? How would you use it?


Readings and Films

Watch the two videos: Sir Ken Robinson and Fatal Beatings :-)
Blogging:two fundamental approaches