RSS and Collecting Feeds

1) Will Richardson's presentation on RSS feeds at Learning Times (requires login and downloading java applet)
2) Quentin D'Souza wiki page on RSS (from Teaching Hacks Wiki)
3) Quentin D'Souza comic book on aggregators
4) Leigh Blackall's Cam Studio screencasts on:

OPML Files

All About RSS/Atom Feeds gives a good (bit technical) overview of feeds and aggregators.
1) OPML Resources
2) OPML Support Editor
3) Podcast by Dave Winer on OPML
4) Bloglines FAQ on RSS/OPML.
4) Google Reader FAQ on RSS/OPML. Click on #11

VIDEO on RSS Feeds

RSS in Plain English by Commoncraft

Photo Sharing

wiki page on photosharing (Quentin D'Souza)
What Can We Do with Flickr?

Creative Commons License

Creative Commons wiki page (Quentin D'Souza)
Flickr CC (Peter Shank's web app. to quickly find photos on flickr released under the creative commons license)


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