Name: Barbara Dieu and Patricia Glogowski
Name of session: Webpublishing in Open Participatory Environments
Day that works best for both to present: Friday March 23rd - morning (8:30 - 12:00)

1. Affiliation:
Barbara Dieu - Lycée Pasteur - Franco Brazilian secondary school in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
Patricia Glogowski - York University English Language Institue

Presentation Overview

Language learning has traditionally been constrained by space and time; social interaction in such environments was also limited to student/teacher and student/student. Nowadays a wide variety of social networking tools allows us to create open learning environments where language learning takes place in immersion-like contexts and where learners can engage in networking with wider audiences. Learners become more motivated, engaged and autonomous while they direct their learning towards the areas that interest them most and take ownership of their own learning.

During this workshop, we will give specific examples of how some of these social tools have been used in language learning, discuss the methodology and how these tools can help create wider social networks. Eg.